Conditions of use

Operating Hours
Xtreme Grocer will operate from 10 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week.
Outside these hours you are able to place preorders for delivery on a future day.

Check Eligibility
To see if we deliver to your area please enter your address to start. We are constantly adding new zones so, if we cannot serve you right now, we are sorry but please check back soon.

Create Order
If you do fall into our delivery zone you will see the Xtreme Grocer store. Click to enter and you will be able to choose from our list of groceries and hygiene products to add to your cart.
Please take note that:

  • Prices are estimations only, based on average prices.
  • If you cannot find an item on our list then you can add a CUSTOM ITEM and give us a description of what you are looking for.
  • You can add as many custom items as you need to.

On Checkout we will ask for:

  • Contact and address details.
  • Preferred delivery date - we cannot commit to times but guarantee same-day delivery if requested.
  • Payment method for the grocery receipt – CASH (preferred) or eWallet on Delivery or Card on Delivery.
  • If you are paying cash please use the field to let us know if you need change for a certain amount.
  • Optional Driver Tip which you can pay directly to the driver over and above the grocery receipt.

You will also be shown:

  • An estimate for your grocery total
  • The service & delivery fee to be paid before the order is dispatched

Please note that you will not be able to checkout unless the minimum estimated amount of R250 has been exceeded.

Fee Breakdown
Fees start as follows:

  • Shopping & processing fee - R85 per load 
  • Delivery fee - starts at R60 per load and may increase as we deliver further distances away from a branch 

The minimum fee is, therefore, R145.00 and is payable before dispatching a shopper.
Your operator will confirm your minimum fee amount

A load is determined by the size of the motorbike storage boxes we use, which, in turn, is dependent on the number and size of the products ordered.
On average we can fit approximately 25 normal size items into a box.

The agent will, at their sole discretion, determine the number of loads required for an order. If more than one load is required then an additional shopping & processing and delivery fee will be charged per additional load. Try to stick to one Bike Box size delivery. If a driver is not able to fit all your requested items in his box, he will have to leave the bigger items off your list. I.O.W, a new order will need to be processed and the driver will have to make 2 trips to get the balance of your request.

Confirmation Process
On receipt of your order, a call centre agent will contact you on the phone number provided.
The agent will confirm your details and will inform you of the load and fee total.

You will then be sent an SMS with a link for the payment of the fees in advance.

No shopper can be dispatched until this fee has been paid.

Please keep your phone at hand whilst waiting for your order as our agents, shoppers & drivers may need to contact you regarding your order!

Your shopper will try their utmost to find the products you have requested.
We cannot guarantee we will find everything on your list, especially with low stock levels currently at the supermarkets but we will do our best. Please understand that all your items might not be available.

In addition, whilst every attempt will be made to ensure that all ordered items fit into the number of loads quoted by the call centre agent, an occasion may occur where items need to be removed from the list in order to not exceed the delivery capacity of the driver’s bike space. 
You will be contacted in this regard and offered the option to increase the number of loads or remove items from the list. You will not be charged for any items removed.

If you get a please call me whilst waiting on your order, it might be your “driver shopper” inquiring about an alternative product or other related question, or your driver looking for direction or permission. 
Please do respond.

Receiving Deliveries
Once the driver has received your order they will NOT be allowed to return any products, therefore;

  • The customer agrees to be responsible for the full payment of the grocery invoice
  • No groceries will be handed over until payment has been received
  • No amount will be deducted for an incorrect item
  • The customer accepts that this may happen and indemnifies Delivery Xtreme and our employees from any liability in this regard
  • Whilst most stores are willing to accept returns, Delivery Xtreme is not able to provide this service. Customers wishing to return items will need to do so on their own accord with the till slip provided.

Our drivers follow a strict COVID-19 Hygiene Protocol and we suggest that you follow the recommended guidelines available online.

On Delivery, you will be required to pay the following:

  • The value of the grocery receipt
  • Any tip for the driver

Payment options on delivery are:

  • Cash
  • eWallet
  • EFT
  • Credit Card

For a contactless delivery please pay cash, EFT or by E-Wallet transfer.

Whilst our servers allow guest login and you can submit as many orders as you like this way, we strongly recommend that you register on our system which will allow you to view prior order and submit a re-order at your convenience.

Delivery Xtreme reserves all it's rights in regard to the service and the customer indemnifies Delivery Xtreme for any loss or damage that may be suffered as a result of this service.
Delivery Xtreme also reserves the right to refuse service to any customer, for any reason, without notice or justification.